The World Gone Mad?: Short Thoughts About The Present

Two years of the pandemic

Social and Psychological Consequences

Economic Consequences

The War in Ukraine

The Rise of China


Further reading

  1. Niall Ferguson, Moritz Schularick, The End of Chimerica.
  2. Andrew Browne, The Chimera that was ‘Chimerica’, Bloomberg, July 11, 2020.
  3. Reid Standish, New Study Says China Using Investments To Buy Political Influence In Central, Eastern Europe, Radio Free Europe, September 09, 2021.
  4. Thomas Carothers, Andrew O’Donohue, Polarization and the Pandemic, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, April 28, 2020.
  5. Elizabeth Kolbert, How Politics Got So Polarized, The New Yorker, December 27, 2021.



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