The Road To Democracy: Romania ‘s Transition from Communism

Historical Background

The First Years Of Post-Communism

Economic Troubles

Dreams Of Riches

Opposition In Power


Further reading:

  1. Bogdan Murgescu, Romania si Europa. Acumularea decalajelor economice (1500–2010), Iasi — 2010.
  2. Vladimir Pasti, Noul capitalism romanesc, Iasi — 2006.
  3. Vladimir Pasti, Romania in tranzitie. Caderea in viitor, Bucuresti — 1995.
  4. Clara Volintiru, Clientelism and cartelization in post-communist Europe: the case of Romania, London — 2016.
  5. Michael Shafir, Romania, Politics, Economics, and Society: Political Stagnation and Simulated Change, Boulder — 1985.



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