The Nuclear Spectre: Threats From An Angry Dictator

The World Reacts

Putin’s Threat

Reactions of the World

How Should We Look at the Situation



  1. Neel Dhanesha, How to think about the risk of nuclear war, according to 3 experts, Vox, February 27, 2022.
  2. Tessa Wong, Ukraine live updates.
  3. Maria Tsvetkova, Putin puts nuclear deterrent on alert; West squeezes Russian economy, February 28, 2022, Reuters.
  4. Juliette Garside, Swift action at last brings meaningful sanctions against Putin’s regime, February 27, 2022, The Guardian.
  5. Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat shows how much is going wrong for him in Ukraine, February 27, 2022, The Economist.



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